32 West Baltimore Ave, Media, PA 19063 (lower level)
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Media Music Studio
We give our clients the recording experience of a lifetime!
Media Music Studio is a musician’s paradise. Whether you're looking for a solid demo to get exposure or a finalized mixed and mastered CD for national distribution, Media Music is the only place to be.


Studio time: $75 an hour
By appointment only.  Please call to schedule studio time.




Brains:  HD rig with Motu 896  |  Cubase platform

Preamps:  Milennia STT1 Origin  |  Presonus ADL 600

Mics:  Neumann u87  |  AKG 414  |  AT 3035  |  Audix

Console:  Mackie 3208

Monitors:  Quested F-11  |  Dynaudio BM 15-A

Drums:  Tama Birch Custom  |  DW Collector series snare  |  Tama Maple and Birch snares

Compresson:  Valley People  |  DBX

Guitar rigs:  Mesa Recta Recorder w/ 50/50 amp  |  Marshall JMP 1  |  Mesa and Marshall 4x12 Cabinets  |  Mesa Rectoverb 50

Piano and Keys:  Yamaha 1974 baby grand  |  Korg Triton LE  |  Hammond concorde

Guitars:  Gibson  |  PRS  |  Fender  |  Taylor  |  Spector


Rates:  $75 hr  (ask about lockout rates if needed)

Scheduling:  Recording Time by Appointment Only.  Contact us to book time >>